"I am 41 years old. I have been a bus driver for 6 years and rode a motorcycle for 3 years. I came to Carson Chiropractic in February 2017 after being told from neurologists in 2009 that I had signs of MS and fused vertebrae in my neck. I was told I would eventually need surgery and would not be able to do things for myself. When I started treatment at Carson Chiropractic my hope and faith were lost for my health and future. I was also leary of doctors. My memory and thought processes were broken. I suffered from migraines frequently, and I had limited mobility in my neck, shoulders and mid back. After Dr. Carson reviewed my medical records finding nothing that the neurologists stated, I went forward with treatment. In the beginning, the days after the first few visits of manipulations were rough. After 2 months of manipulations, muscle stimulation therapy, awesome massages, and supplements to help improve my brain, my memory and thought processes have improved, and movement and function in my neck, shoulders and mid back have improved by at least 90%. I have not had any migraines, and my immune system and energy have improved. With the gentle, caring guidance and support from Dr. Carson and his staff I am eating healthier, exercising more, and my spirit and faith are renewed for my future and health. I am so thankful for Dr. Carson and his team."

Christie -Yorkville

"I've been coming to Dr Carson almost a year now and have referred several people to his clinic. They are fantastic and so caring and accommodating with your schedule. I recently had an ear/sinus infection and was adjusted and had both ears candled. Felt so much better the next day and every one since! What can I say....Thank you!!!!"


"Loved my experience at Carson Chiropractic! Vicki, Casi, Chris, Alison, and Dr. Carson exceeded my expectations with the level of service they provided! Dr. Carson Is extremely knowledgeable, and he was very patient. He took the time to listen to my needs! This office seems to really care about you as an individual, and not just a number. I look forward to going back to continue the treatment prescribed for me!"


"The front desk staff are very professional, organized and pleasant to schedule appointments with. I have been fortunate to receive massage therapy from each and every massage therapist at cars and chiropractic. I can honestly say all of them are amazing and go above and beyond to provide good care to me and my family. Lastly, Dr. John and Dr. Carson have both been amazing. Due to my specific disease in my spine, neck, and hips, i'm very limited on treatment that I can receive. Both doctors have tailored my needs directly related to my illness is directly related to ensure that I am still receiving hands-on Carson Chiro at a slower pace and more gentle adjustments. I rate this entire office staff a 10!! I highly encourage anyone considering chiropractic care to call for a consultation."


"Everyone at the front desk was friendly and helpful. They squeezed me in early due to the condition I was in, which was very much appreciated! I did not have to wait long for the doctor. The doctor was extremely knowledgeable and took care of my situation right away! I am DEFINITELY coming back and i will more than likely bring my family in! Thank you all very much!"


"The staff are extremely friendly and helpful. I walked in not knowing exactly what I needed or wanted to do and they walked me through all the options and created a nonjudgmental environment. I came in with a tweaked back with pain I could not sleep with, and Dr. Carson had me out of the office in 30 minutes, with absolutely no pain or restriction. It was the best feeling in the world."


"Thank you for making my first time at a chiropractic clinic so easy. The staff and doctors were very nice and took the time to thoroughly explain their process and recommendations to me."


"I went there in terrible pain. Dr. Carson took care of me right away. He is kind and highly professional. He is a master of his craft. I highly recommend his practice to anyone who needs chiropractic care."


"I was nervous about going in at first because I didn't want to feel pressured into anything that wasn't necessary. Once I finally decided to make an appointment, I was very satisfied! They knew what they were doing and didn't try to push anything on me or try to tell me I had to come back if it wasn't necessary. It only took a couple visits and my shoulder pain was significantly better! I'd definitely recommend!"


"The complete staff work in everyway to help with each person's individual needs. The doctors go above and beyond to help relieve pain. Having the option for an adjustment, heat or cold therapy makes such a difference for all individual needs. They schedule last minute appointments, knowing how your pain may be elevated and are always there to help! The massage therapists are wonderful and are very knowledgeable about the body and how to work with the current issues or just for relaxation. I would recommend Carson Chiropractic to anyone!"


"We are on a monthly maintenance program. We both feel our adjustments have put us on a healthier journey. We have recommended friends and acquaintances to Carson Chiropractic. Thanks to all in the office for making our visits enjoyable."

Tom & Carol-Montgomery

"Dr. Carson and his colleague Dr. Hosten and staff offer professional care and service. I have been a patient for several years and have enjoyed pain management techniques to minimalize discomfort. Thank you for your continued care of me and my family.


"The sciatic pain that had hindered me was relieved with just the one visit! The staff and Dr. Carson are just so friendly and nice. Great experience!"


"It has been a long time since I have found a chiropractor that adjusts you, listens to you and knows the best way to adjust you than at Carson Chiropractic. They have great office hours and work with you and NEVER push anything on you that you are resistant to. They are helpful and really work with you and your needs and situation. Thank you Dr. Carson for keeping me "in line"!!!"


"I have never been to a chiropractor before. I appreciated the time Dr Carson spent explaining the problem(s) I was having after I injured myself. All of the staff was attentive to my needs during treatment and put up with my oddball humor. I have already recommended Dr. Carson to a co-worker."


"The staff and doctors are always helpful and friendly. I truly enjoy going for adjustments and massages. I have been to many chiropractic offices and Carson Chiropractic is by far the Best."


"This is a place that definitely places patients first. Dr. Carson and his staff are phenomenal! Dr. Carson goes well out of his way to care for me-- beyond the unexpected! Thank you for all you do!"


"Everyone at this office is terrific. The office staff, Dr. Carson, everyone. I would never think of going anywhere else. Dr. Carson does such a good job with my adjustments, I don't have to go back very often."


"The office is very professional and friendly. The first treatment helped my back tremendously. My right foot pain that I have had for 4 years disappeared. I would recommend Carson Chiropractic to everyone."


"I Love Love Love this place. The doctor is very caring and I actually got some relief just from the first time. The aqua bed was a little piece of Heaven!!! I would recommend this place to everyone."


"The care is exceptional. They take my pain seriously and strive to ensure I feel better. It's an excellent experience."


I am very pleased with the service and treatment I receive at Carson Chiropractic. Front Desk is always friendly and helpful, as well as nurses and doctors. I always feel so much better after a treatment.


"After a day at the gym, I felt a pull. Doc made time to get me in right away. Several visits later, I was on the right track to better health. I know for a fact that my general well being is due to the adjustments I receive on a regular basis. I wish I'd seen a chiropractor years ago."


"My husband was having a terrible arthritis attack in his hips. He had had several surgeries on his hips as a teenager, and was told he would have arthritis for the rest of his life. The pain was excruciating-he could not walk without crutches and was taking as much over the counter pain medicines as he could stomach. Finally, he went to the doctor who told him that he needed hip replacement surgery. Fortunately, he tried chiropractic first, and twelve weeks later was playing basketball and dancing at our wedding. He's cheated the surgeon for thirteen years now and counting!"


"I came in with lower back pain and after a few adjustments and massage therapies the pain was gone. I love the fact that I don't have to take any medicine to fix the problem."


"Before seeing Dr. Carson I was going to my general practitioner for my shoulder problem. After prescribing drugs twice to solve my problem, it only got worse. That's when I decided to see Dr. Carson. I couldn't reach above my head because the pain was so bad. After a few adjustments and therapeutic massages, the improvement was amazing. Dr. Carson is the best."


"Chiropractic has been a life saver! Without this maintenance I would have never been able to get my migraines under control. I even look forward to coming for my therapy, and consider it time well spent to take care of myself."


"I suffered with headaches daily. After I came to Dr. Carson they were gone. My shoulder and neck bothered me, too. He helped my body feel 20 years younger. Good work!"


"I was a non-believer who had lived with headaches for years. They'd increased to daily frequency and affected me from the top of my spine to my lower back. I was taking multiple over-the-counter products to relieve my headaches and the tension in my back. After a casual conversation with Dr. Carson, I nervously made my first appointment. I have continued my care with Dr. Carson and have had tremendous results. I no longer have the tension headaches and back pain. My quality of life has greatly improved and I'm now an advocate for chiropractic care."

Diane- Montgomery

"Dr. Carson has relieved the pain in my neck and back. I now am able to have a full nights sleep without waking up in pain.
I have full confidence in his expertise and applaud his professional caring bedside manner. I would recommend Dr. Carson
to anyone in pain who wants relief."

Gina- Sugar Grove

"I'm very grateful for Dr. Carson opening his office so close to my home. When I first saw Dr. Carson I was not sleeping very well at night. My back was spasming. After a few visits I was on my way to a good night's rest. I'm currently being treated twice a month and my back and neck are in tip top shape, not to mention no more headaches."


I began seeing Dr. Carson because I was suffering from tension headaches and since starting my treatments, I no longer suffer from tension headaches. Thanks Dr. Carson!


"I came into Dr. Carson's office when my lower back problems were so bad I was bed-ridden for two weeks. At that time I was a disbeliever in chiropractic, but figured I had nothing to lose. Over the course of the first treatment, I saw an immediate relief. Gradually over a few months time, I now have reached a level of no pain in my lower back."


"Since coming to see Dr. Carson, I have experienced no back pain. I use to have a sore back at least 3 days a week. Dr. Carson and his staff are excellent. I love his friendly atmosphere and professional care."


"With my job, I am constantly dealing with back issues. Dr. Carson and the wonderful office staff keep me healthy so that I can keep going day after day. I would not recommend anyone else."


"I've had neck problems the last 5 years. I've done a couple rounds of physical therapy which help for awhile. Everytime I traveled I came back with a very sore neck. I decided to try a chiropractor from a friend's urging. I got results the first week; increased range of motion. It's a wellness practice, not just symptom management. Dr. Carson's staff is great, and make going to the doctor's office something you look forward to instead of a pain in the neck."


"Dr. Carson told me I was a work in progress, and progress I have made. What a big difference in my legs and lower back in just 9 weeks. Thanks Doc and the rest of the staff."

Karl- Oswego

" Two years ago, when I first moved to Oswego, I was searching for relief for my lower back pain. I had tightness and pain so severe in my lower back, that some days it was difficult to get out of bed or even walk around. I drove by Dr. Carson's office one day and decided to stop in. Dr. Carson was very professional and showed concern for my problem. Through steady and regular treatments, Dr. Carson was able to relieve my pain and gave me exercises to strengthen my lower back. Dr. Carson has been very helpful and I have and will continue to recommend others to see him. "

Eric- Oswego

"Before coming to Dr. Carson, I was having frequent headaches. Through his care and the care of his staff I have made steady progress. Thanks Dr. Carson!"

Tammy- Oswego

"I came to see Dr. Carson on my way to the gym one morning because I was having extreme pains in my shoulders and upper back. After only a few adjustments my pain was gone and I felt 100% better. Then I found out Dr. Carson could also help with the headaches and migraines I have suffered from since the age of 13. Only a few weeks of weekly adjustments and occasional massage therapy has decreased my headaches."


"I came in with severe lower back pain and with Dr. Carson's guidance I left without it."


"Before I came to see Dr. Carson I was in bad shape. I had back pain every day, I was not sleeping well at night, and overall I was not feeling like myself. Now after over a year of chiropractic care I perform better at work, sleep the best I have in years, and my wife says I'm a lot happier! I highly recommend Carson Chiropractic. They treat everyone like family."


"Chiropractic has helped me tremendously for me to perform my full time job. I am sitting at a computer for 8 hours daily."

Claudia- Montgomery

"I had never been to a chiropractor before and I am in my early 50's, but lower back pain finally sent me in. I just thought that I was getting older and this is how your body feels when you get to my age…WRONG. After my first adjustment I felt sore, but after a few more I really began to feel loose, like I did ten or twenty years earlier. I am an active person and it felt so much better to mount one of my horses and ride in comfort or be able to move a bale of hay without the telltale feeling of soreness. Or even bend over to pick up something I've dropped. So, I encourage everyone to stay in alignment and feel great."


"Before Carson Chiropractic I was in pain, lower back and neck. Now I'm pain free in those areas, how great! What great people to be around.


"Upon having lower back pain for several years I decided to see a chiropractor. My neighbor recommended Dr. Carson and a good recommendation it was. After ten consecutive treatments I can now say I am pain free. I will also say that they run their practice in a very professional manner."


"Stress reduction has been a benefit of my treatment plan from Dr. Carson. In addition I'm able to get a restful night's sleep."

Linda- Oswego

"When I began chiropractic care I had headaches regularly and migraines at least twice a week. As time has gone on my headaches occur only every so often and migraines only monthly. I feel much better and have more energy. It's a wonderful feeling to not wake up with a headache."


"After seeing Dr. Carson for 6 months the aches and pains I had every day are a rarity. I used to live on Advil to get by at work and home. No more meds and much more energy. The staff is 100% the friendliest, down to earth group I've ever seen in a physician's office. I'd recommend Dr. Carson, the massage therapists and office staff to anyone."


"After months of some back pain, I decided it was time to go and see what a chiropractor could do. I was amazed after about 1-2 months of care I was pain free. Not to mention, it has been almost a year with zero relapse of pain."


"I started to see Dr. Carson for my burning chest (acid reflux). He adjusts me every couple of weeks. It feels good when he does it. Now I don't have a burning chest so much."

Hailey, 6 years old, Oswego

"I had little or no experience with chiropractic care prior to seeing Dr. Carson. I had a lot of discomfort in my neck and shoulder but after several adjustments and therapeutic massage appointments I am pain free. I appreciate Dr. Carson's attentiveness to the patient as a whole, not just the symptoms"


"Chiropractic care has helped my headaches, reduced stress, and with regular adjustments, I feel better"

Sandy, Oswego

"Compared to my pain and discomfort when I started therapy, my back pain and headaches have improved. I also like the availability of massage therapy."


"I started coming to Dr. Carson when he first opened for shoulder & back problems. He has been very helpful in making me painfree. His staff is always cheerful and they're helpful when dealing with the insurance company. I don't have pain on a daily basis like I used to, but I still come in for maintenance to help stay pain free."


"Dr. Carson convinced me to come and see him after he witnessed me experiencing some pretty severe lower back pain. I was a little reluctant as I had never seen a chiropractor before. I am a true believer today. I see Dr. Carson on a regular basis and I am pain free! Thanks Dr. Carson!"


"I moved to Montgomery in December of 2006 and was very concerned about finding a new chiropractor, as I had been using my former chiropractor for 8 years. I am so glad I found Dr. Carson. Everyone is so helpful and friendly, and I continue to be pain free."


"Chiropractic care has helped me live a better life. After a car accident my back was injured. I had pain and tingling in my back and my legs. Through spinal manipulations, stretching, and strength training, I am able to live a normal life again. I would strongly recommend Carson Chiropractic to anyone. It has dramatically improved my overall health."


"Seeing Dr. Carson has made a difference in my daily activities. I don't worry about having my back go out anymore, due to my scheduled adjustments."


"Before I came to Carson Chiropractic my back was horrible. I woke up in pain everyday. Since coming to Dr. Carson, I have been pain free. Thanks Dr. Carson!"


"Before I came to Carson Chiropractic my lower back was extremely painful. After only a short time of treatments the pain is virtually gone. Dr. Carson's staff makes the environment relaxed and fun, but at the same time, are as professional as it gets. Thanks!


"Prior to seeking chiropractic care, I would constantly wake up, almost each morning, with lower back pain and stiffness and have to spend at least 15-20 minutes stretching it out. The lower back pain was also affecting my workouts in the gym as well as stopping me from running and doing other cardiovascular exercises. It also got to the point that it was uncomfortable to be sitting at work or being in the car for long periods of time. Since I began chiropractic care, I rarely feel any lower back pain. I am now getting more out of my workouts since I am no longer hindered by pain. I no longr dread getting out of bed in the morning or going for a long run. I highly recommend chiropractic care to anyone who is experiencing any sort of back pain that is preventing you from living life to its fullest."


"Thank you Dr. Carson, Alice, and staff to help me reach my optimum health. With regular adjustments and massage therapy, I am able to live without pain in my neck and lower back."


"Since I started with Dr. Carson and staff, my headaches have resolved and I have been able to maintain an active lifestyle."


"When I first came to Dr. Carson I couldn't even bend over. I've been going for about a year now, and I can finally touch my toes. My pain went from 10 to 1 in a year. Now I just go for routine maintenance once a week. Thanks so much.


"About four years ago I experienced excruciating lower back pain where I couldn't sit, stand, or find a comfortable place for myself. I got almost instant relief after only a couple of visits to Carson Chiropractic. I try to come in for periodic "tune-ups" to make sure I maintain my healthy back"


"Always having lower back pain for years, my wife talked me into seeing a chiropractor and now I'm glad she did. Back pain has ceased as long as I keep my appointment."


"I came to Dr. Carson with back and neck pain and stiffness. After diagnosis and treatment from Dr. Carson and his staff, I have had no recurrance. I look forward to my maintenance treatments as they alleve any stiffness before it becomes bothersome. Thanks all at Carson Chiropractic."


"Chiropractic has helped my pain go away by eliminating back pain I have lived with for most of my life. I have a fuller range of motion when I do everyday activities. The adjustments have helped my posture and the strengthening of my back muscles too because I am now able to do more back stretches, and do them better."


"I came to Carson Chiropractic out of desperation on Saturday morning. The pain in my neck and shoulders had been gradually worsening until that morning when I had little mobility left in my neck. Now my neck mobility is 100% and I do not have any discomfort. Dr. Carson diagnosed a degenerative vertebrae and pinched nerves in my neck. I continue to visit the office regularly to maintain my mobility and to work on other concerns. It is a pleasure to go into Dr. Carson's because everyone is so caring and fun. Also, they have been phenomenal working with my insurance. My only regret about going to Carson Chiropractic is that I didn't go sooner."


"Since I started seeing Dr. Carson for my migraines, I feel so much better. With upkeep on my adjustments I rarely get any headaches or migraines."


"I grew up going to a chiropractor, and when we moved to this area, finding a good chiropractor was top on my to-do list. I am so happy to have found Dr. Carson and his staff! Our family goes regularly, and we firmly believe that is the reason we stay healthy! We love Carson Chiropractic!"



What Our Clients Say About Us

  • The care and compassion of Dr. Smith and staff are what keep us coming back.

  • Dr. Carson provided me with excellent care when I needed it the most.

    - Jennifer R.
  • Visiting Carson Chiropractic gives my family and me more reasons to smile.

    - The Johnson Family
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