RockTape Kinesiotaping in Oswego, IL

What is RockTape Kinesiotaping?

Sports injuries can put you out of commission, whether due to lifting wrong, a rogue tackle or simple overuse. However, managing the pain that comes along with an injury is just as important as recovery itself. Rock Tape, a kinesiology tape specially designed to help decrease pain due to injuries, can help you recover quickly so you can get back into the gym or onto the field.

What is Rock Tape?
Rock Tape helps the healing and treatment process of various sports injuries. Once placed onto the skin, the tape helps compress or decompress the muscles underneath, similar to how you rub your shin to make it feel better after hitting it on a table. Athletes also use Rock Tape to enhance the performance of a specific muscle group. Rock Tape can also help pregnant women who suffer from aches and pains like sciatica and general back pain and distribute the weight of the pregnant body evenly throughout the body.

How does Rock Tape Work?
Rock Tape pulls the skin from the soft tissues underneath, allowing enhanced blood flow, which promotes the body’s natural healing process. Rock Tape’s design allows it to pull and give slack in one direction but not the other, making the tape versatile and able to aid in treating a number of injuries or conditions. When placed correctly onto a swollen area, Rock Tape can also help drain swelling from injured areas.

What makes Rock Tape superior to other brands?
Patients can safely wear Rock Tape up to five days without replacing it, including while in the shower or swimming pool. The tape is latex-free, allowing even those with latex allergies the chance to heal their injuries with Rock Tape. Rock Tape comes in various prints,colors, and styles. Rock Tape has almost twice as much stretch as other brands of kinesiology tape, offering a better range of motion and the freedom to continue training and therapy throughout the healing process.

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