Sports CareEvery major sports organization, including the Olympic teams, have chiropractors on staff to keep their athletes in shape and injury-free. Whether you're in a basketball league, play tennis on the weekends, or run long distances, chiropractic care from Dr. Eric Carson and Dr. John Hosten can enhance your performance and keep you healthy. Learn how working with your chiropractor can prevent sports injuries from sidelining you, as well as how we at Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, IL, can help you recover if you do get injured.

Preventing injuries

One of the best ways you can prevent sports injuries is by seeing your Oswego chiropractor regularly for adjustments. When your spine is out of alignment, it can have a negative effect on your hips, legs, and feet, hindering your progress and making injuries more likely. Dr. Carson or Dr. Hosten can identify potential problems during your appointments and demonstrate exercises you can do at home to stay flexible and strong.

Fixing the problem

If neck, back, or foot injuries have slowed you down, it's time to make an appointment with your Oswego chiropractor. Using a combination of soft tissue and joint manipulation, a chiropractor can help your body heal itself naturally from impacts or strains. Chiropractic treatments also help patients manage any associated pain effectively by reducing the stress that your muscles, nerves, and discs between the joints have placed on them.

Returning to the game

Getting back into your athletic activity of choice might seem a bit daunting after an injury. That's why it's so important to continue working with your Oswego chiropractor even after you've healed. These adjustments and manipulations will help you stay flexible and prevent another injury from happening.

If you've sustained a sports injury, contact Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, IL, for an evaluation from either Dr. Carson or Dr. Hosten today!

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