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By Carson Chiropractic
August 06, 2019
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Find out how massage therapy could improve your mind, body and spirit.

When people think about massage therapy they often think of it as a tranquil spa experience that helps them relax. While massage therapybigstock-Massage can certainly be relaxing it can also do so much more for your health and wellness. Find out more about massage therapy and some of the benefits you could enjoy when you turn to our Oswego, IL, chiropractor Dr. Eric Carson for care.


Reduce Stress

Everything from morning traffic to having a baby can cause stress. Stress leads to muscle tension, which in turn can cause a host of musculoskeletal aches and pain as well as headaches. One way to help you relax and reduce stress is by turning to a chiropractor for regular care and maintenance. Along with reducing stress, massage therapy can also improve energy levels and mental performance.


Boost Circulation

You might not realize it but certain areas of the body may not be getting the proper blood flow they need. Blood delivers key nutrients all over the body and when there are areas that don’t get proper circulation they often become fatigued, stiff or painful. By getting massage therapy, our chiropractor can improve blood flow to certain areas, which also speeds up the body’s natural healing process.


Reduce Pain

Pain management is one of the most common reasons people get massage therapy in Oswego, IL. Millions of people are dealing with acute and chronic pain, from lower back pain to whiplash, and massage therapy offers an effective, non-medicinal way to alleviate those aches and pains and improve how the body functions as a whole.


Enhance Your Sleep

Having trouble sleeping? If so, you certainly aren’t alone. More than 50 million Americans suffer from 80 different sleep disorders and an additional 20 to 30 million suffer from intermittent sleep problems. While there are certainly good sleep habits that you should adopt in order to improve the quality of your sleep, if you find that catching those ZZZ's has been challenging then you may want to consider massage therapy. Massage therapy reduces stress, boosts mood, and reduces tension in the body, all of which go a long way to promoting better sleep.

If you are dealing with neck and back pain or other problems that are affecting your quality of life then it’s time to find out if massage therapy could help you. Call Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, IL, today to schedule a comprehensive evaluation.

By Carson Chiropractic
April 19, 2019
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If you're an athlete or someone who is very active at home or at work, then you know the toll that constant and repetitive motion can take sportson your body. At Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, your doctors, Dr. Eric Carson and Dr. John Hosten, use Active Release Technique on those soft tissue injuries in order to relieve any pain that you may be experiencing. Could you benefit from ART?


What is ART?

Active Release Technique is a way to relieve the pain, inflammation, and limited range of motion associated with repetitive injuries. Typically, athletes and other highly active people experience bouts of elbow, neck, and shoulder pain or even shin splints and carpal tunnel syndrome. The source of these discomforts usually cannot be pinpointed on an X-ray, CT scan, or MRI, but are diagnosed symptomatically instead.

Given that these are injuries of the muscles, nerves, ligaments, tendons, and fascia (connective tissue), surgery, casting, and other treatments are not appropriate or effective. In the mid-eighties, doctors perfected the technique ART to relieve the tension, pain, and inflammation of these soft tissue problems—and it's all done hands-on in our Oswego chiropractor office!

ART is what doctors term "movement based." Your chiropractor in Oswego has been specifically trained to manipulate and move the affected muscles and surrounding areas which are painful and inflamed. The techniques are safe, effective, and simple as they aim to strengthen weak musculature, relieve pinched nerves, balance movement, and increase the range of motion. ART also restores proper blood flow to injured tissues.


Find out more

Chiropractic care focuses on allowing the body to heal naturally from injuries, surgery, arthritis, and the effects of general aging and wear and tear. Active Release Technique helps people feel better and perform their usual activities with greater comfort and effectiveness. As part of the total chiropractic treatment plan, ART can be a great tool in achieving optimal well-being. For more information, please contact Carson Chiropractic at (630) 551-1003.

By Carson Chiropractic
January 17, 2019
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Need a chiropractor?

Chiropractor SessionYour Oswego, IL, chiropractor can help with many issues, like back pain, herniated discs, or arthritis, just to name a few. Learn more about what your Oswego chiropractor can help you with several issues.

Back Pain:

According to the American Chiropractic Association, 80 percent of people will experience some sort of back problem or issue in their lifetime and about 30 million Americans look for chiropractic care every year, so your Oswego chiropractor understands the obstacles you face due to back pain, so here are a few tips to help you out.


  • Sharp pain
  • Dull ache
  • Numbness
  • Burning sensation
  • Tingling

Herniated Disc:

Vertebral discs are bodily shock absorbers sandwiched between vertebral bodies. Without discs, our spines could collapse. Discs are what prevents our vertebrae from grinding against each other and are essential for our motor functions.

There are two categories of herniated discs: contained and non-contained discs.

  • Contained discs are protruding in areas they shouldn't be but are intact.
  • Non-contained discs are ruptured, and may also protrude, which means there are areas of the spine with leaking fluid causing other catastrophic issues.

Symptoms include:

  • Back pain
  • Burning pain in the shoulders in neck, or arm
  • Weakness in leg and/or foot
  • Tingling, pins-and-needles sensation, or numbness in the leg and/or foot, or in an arm
  • Weakness in one arm


As one of the leading causes of disability in the USA, arthritis affects people of different ages, sexes, and races, but is more common amongst women and the elderly, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

Types of Arthritis:

  • Fibromyalgia, a slew of symptoms including: chronic pain, fatigue, memory problems, and mood change
  • Gout, an inflammatory arthritis affecting people who have a high concentration of uric acid
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, it's when the nerve that travels from your forearm to the palm is squeezed at the wrist
  • Lyme Disease, it's an infection caused by bacteria found in deer ticks
  • Lupus, an autoimmune disease that impacts several organs, such as joints, kidneys, skin, or brain
  • Osteoarthritis, the breakdown of the cartilage between joints
  • Osteoporosis, it's when bone tissue is broken down faster than it's replaced
  • Rheumatoid Arthritis, an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks joints

If you have any questions about chiropractic care or concerns, you should call your Oswego, IL, Chiropractor.

By Carson Chiropractic
October 12, 2018
Category: Chiropractor

Chiropractic Care for Lower Back Problems

Lower Back PainMost people will have a minor lower back problem at one time or another. Our body movements usually do not cause problems, but symptoms can develop from overuse, injury, or everyday wear and tear. Dr. Eric Carson and Dr. John Hosten at Carson Chiropractic, which is located in Oswego, IL, offer chiropractic treatments for lower back problems.

Topic Overview

Back injuries are a common cause of back pain. Back injuries often occur when you damage your back muscles, such as by doing yard work or lifting a heavy object. Minor back injuries may also occur from falling, tripping, or excessive twisting of the spine. Severe back injuries may result from accidents, direct blows to the back, or a high-energy fall onto the buttocks. Having a degenerative disease such as osteoporosis can also cause back pain.

Acute Injuries

Acute injuries happen suddenly. Pain from acute injuries may be sudden and severe. Bruising and inflammation may develop after the injury. Pain from an acute injury usually doesn't last longer than several weeks. Acute injuries include sprains, strains, fractures or dislocation of the spine, or a ruptured disc. 

Overuse Injuries

An overuse injury is any type of injury that's caused by repetitive movement and overuse. Overuse injuries can occur when you try to take on too much activity too quickly. Overuse injuries happen most often from improper posture or movement while walking, standing, lifting, sitting, or even while sleeping. Symptoms can include stiffness, tenderness, muscle spasms, and pain.


Your chiropractor will evaluate your spine as a whole—regardless of whether you have a shoulder injury or back pain. Your doctor will start with a physical examination that focuses on your spine, with attention given to the areas of complaint. You will also go through your medical history with your doctor, and they may order x-rays or other tests to confirm a diagnosis.


A chiropractor can help with your lower back problem. Chiropractic medicine is a type of medical therapy that's focused on manipulating the spine and nervous system. Chiropractic treatments are not only non-invasive and cost-effective, they work. Your doctor will develop a program of care that may combine more than one type of treatment. Treatments for lower back injuries and pain may include chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, rehabilitative exercises, or Active Release Technique.

A back injury can affect your day-to-day activities and make life frustrating and miserable. Call Carson Chiropractic at 630-551-1003 today to schedule a consultation in Oswego, IL. Get your life back on track by receiving the best back injury treatment available. We want you to live your best life!

By Carson Chiropractic
July 24, 2018
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Sports CareEvery major sports organization, including the Olympic teams, have chiropractors on staff to keep their athletes in shape and injury-free. Whether you're in a basketball league, play tennis on the weekends, or run long distances, chiropractic care from Dr. Eric Carson and Dr. John Hosten can enhance your performance and keep you healthy. Learn how working with your chiropractor can prevent sports injuries from sidelining you, as well as how we at Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, IL, can help you recover if you do get injured.

Preventing injuries

One of the best ways you can prevent sports injuries is by seeing your Oswego chiropractor regularly for adjustments. When your spine is out of alignment, it can have a negative effect on your hips, legs, and feet, hindering your progress and making injuries more likely. Dr. Carson or Dr. Hosten can identify potential problems during your appointments and demonstrate exercises you can do at home to stay flexible and strong.

Fixing the problem

If neck, back, or foot injuries have slowed you down, it's time to make an appointment with your Oswego chiropractor. Using a combination of soft tissue and joint manipulation, a chiropractor can help your body heal itself naturally from impacts or strains. Chiropractic treatments also help patients manage any associated pain effectively by reducing the stress that your muscles, nerves, and discs between the joints have placed on them.

Returning to the game

Getting back into your athletic activity of choice might seem a bit daunting after an injury. That's why it's so important to continue working with your Oswego chiropractor even after you've healed. These adjustments and manipulations will help you stay flexible and prevent another injury from happening.

If you've sustained a sports injury, contact Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, IL, for an evaluation from either Dr. Carson or Dr. Hosten today!

By Carson Chiropractic
April 16, 2018
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Pain affects every aspect of your life. When you hurt, it's hard to move, sleep, or even concentrate when you're at work or school. Oswego, massage therapyIL, chiropractors Drs. Eric Carson and John Hosten of Carson Chiropractic discuss how you can treat your painful symptoms naturally with massage therapy.

How can massage therapy help me?

Massage therapy loosens and relaxes tight muscles, but that's not its only benefit. Manipulating your muscles improves both blood and lymph circulation, which makes it easier for your body to remove waste products from your body and also helps nutrients and oxygen reach the cells in your body. Increased blood circulation can also speed healing, helping your recover from injuries that affect your bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints more quickly.

Tight muscles often press on tendons, ligaments and nerves, causing pain, stiffness, headaches, numbness and tingling. Once your muscles are relaxed, these symptoms improve. Massage triggers the release of natural pain killers called endorphins that can help you decrease your use of pain medications. Is your life stressful? Regular massages can reduce both stress and anxiety by boosting your serotonin level. Serotonin is a natural chemical that makes you feel calm and relaxed.

When is massage therapy recommended?

Scheduling a massage therapy appointment in our Oswego office is a good idea if:

  • Your muscles hurt due to an injury or the effects of stress.
  • You would like to increase your range of motion or balance your gait.
  • You frequently experience headaches or migraines.
  • You have scar tissue or adhesions that make movement difficult.
  • You suffer from low back, jaw, neck, or shoulder pain or carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • You want to relieve menstrual symptoms.
  • You have a pulled muscles or ligaments.
  • You have a chronic disease or condition, such as asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis, fibromyalgia, allergies, osteoarthritis, or spastic colon.
  • You have difficulty sleeping or suffer from sleep apnea.

Relieve your pain with massage treatment! Call Oswego, IL, chiropractors Drs. Eric Carson and John Hosten of Carson Chiropractic at (630) 551-1003 to schedule an appointment.

By Carson Chiropractic
January 08, 2018
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What your chiropractors in Oswego, IL, want you to know about Active Release Techniqueactive release technique

If you have sore muscles, tendons and ligaments, the pain can keep you from enjoying your life. It’s time to visit your chiropractor for a revolutionary treatment called Active Release Technique, or ART. Drs. Eric Carson and John Hosten at Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, IL, want to help you discover how Active Release Technique can heal your body.

Active Release Technique uses a series of hands-on manual manipulations to help heal injured muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves and connective tissue. By putting pressure on affected areas, ART creates tension and helps heal injured soft tissue. ART helps to:

  • Increase strength and balance
  • Aid in healing injured tissue
  • Increase flexibility and range-of-motion
  • Reduce scar tissue which may be pinching nerves
  • Lessen pressure on pinched nerves, tendons and ligaments
  • Relieve pain from tense muscles and soft tissue injuries

Your chiropractor requires a special certification to practice ART. To be certified, your chiropractor takes a series of classes to learn how to heal the body using Active Release Technique. There are over 500 specific movements to learn in order to practice ART.

Active Release Technique is used to treat many different medical conditions resulting from tension and overuse including headaches, sciatica, shin splints, carpal tunnel, and plantar fasciitis. ART is used to relieve pain and injury to your:

  • Neck or back
  • Shoulders, elbows, or arms
  • Hips, legs, knees, or feet

During your treatment session, your chiropractor will use hand movements to create tension on affected tissue, while he directs you to make certain movements. Each person’s treatment is unique, depending on which individual areas are injured. Active Release Technique is non-invasive and requires no downtime, so you can resume your daily routine.

If you are suffering the pain of overused muscles, ligaments, tendons, and soft tissue, it’s time to think about Active Release Technique. Don’t suffer pain or loss-of-motion when help is just a phone call away. Talk with the experts, Drs. Eric Carson and John Hosten at Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, IL. Call today and feel better!

By Carson Chiropractic
October 02, 2017
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Do you have muscle pain? Overuse and overexertion from a day's physical labor or an overly vigorous gym workout leave muscles tense muscle painand sore. Inflammation soars as tiny tears in musculature start to heal. At Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, chiropractors Dr. Eric Carson and Dr. John Hosten offer massage therapy both as an adjunct to chiropractic adjustments and to prevent those aching backs, legs, shoulders and arms. Read here about the many benefits of this simple, effective and non-pharmaceutical relief for your hardworking body.

Symptoms of muscle pain

Tenderness, fever, swelling--they're symptoms of muscle pain, or myalgia. Myalgia originates in simple overexertion of a particular muscle group--your quadriceps, for example--or may be diffused throughout many muscle groups in the body.

Understanding muscle pain involves understanding swelling. Otherwise called inflammation, swelling of the muscles starts physical exertion blocks important substances called cytokines. Additionally, the energy factories, or mitochrondria, in muscle cells can't work at peak capacity because oxygen uptake drops when your body is overworked. So during strenuous exertion, pain develops.

Therapeutic massage at Carson Chiropractic suppresses inflammation by helping cytokines and mitochrondria do their jobs effectively. Also, research from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine shows that the careful, but deep, manual manipulation of muscles during a massage releases the body's natural neurohormones called endorphins which help humans relax and feel happy.

Overall, after a massage at Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, Dr. Carson's and Dr. Hosten's patients can experience:

  • More complete and quicker recovery after an intense workout or injury
  • A reduced need for anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics
  • Greater flexibility, fewer muscle knots, and improved muscle tone
  • Better circulation and range of motion in the joints
  • Relaxed breathing and lower blood pressure
  • Relief from insomnia and headaches
  • Fewer feelings of stress and anxiety

Combined with chiropractic

Your spinal manipulation or adjustment at Carson Chiropractic will be more effective, easier to accomplish and last longer when combined with massage therapy in Oswego. So if you're struggling with muscle pain regularly or you have a flare-up after a big house move or basketball game with friends, call the office team at Carson Chiropractic for an appointment: (630) 551-1003.