Do you have muscle pain? Overuse and overexertion from a day's physical labor or an overly vigorous gym workout leave muscles tense muscle painand sore. Inflammation soars as tiny tears in musculature start to heal. At Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, chiropractors Dr. Eric Carson and Dr. John Hosten offer massage therapy both as an adjunct to chiropractic adjustments and to prevent those aching backs, legs, shoulders and arms. Read here about the many benefits of this simple, effective and non-pharmaceutical relief for your hardworking body.

Symptoms of muscle pain

Tenderness, fever, swelling--they're symptoms of muscle pain, or myalgia. Myalgia originates in simple overexertion of a particular muscle group--your quadriceps, for example--or may be diffused throughout many muscle groups in the body.

Understanding muscle pain involves understanding swelling. Otherwise called inflammation, swelling of the muscles starts physical exertion blocks important substances called cytokines. Additionally, the energy factories, or mitochrondria, in muscle cells can't work at peak capacity because oxygen uptake drops when your body is overworked. So during strenuous exertion, pain develops.

Therapeutic massage at Carson Chiropractic suppresses inflammation by helping cytokines and mitochrondria do their jobs effectively. Also, research from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine shows that the careful, but deep, manual manipulation of muscles during a massage releases the body's natural neurohormones called endorphins which help humans relax and feel happy.

Overall, after a massage at Carson Chiropractic in Oswego, Dr. Carson's and Dr. Hosten's patients can experience:

  • More complete and quicker recovery after an intense workout or injury
  • A reduced need for anti-inflammatory medications and analgesics
  • Greater flexibility, fewer muscle knots, and improved muscle tone
  • Better circulation and range of motion in the joints
  • Relaxed breathing and lower blood pressure
  • Relief from insomnia and headaches
  • Fewer feelings of stress and anxiety

Combined with chiropractic

Your spinal manipulation or adjustment at Carson Chiropractic will be more effective, easier to accomplish and last longer when combined with massage therapy in Oswego. So if you're struggling with muscle pain regularly or you have a flare-up after a big house move or basketball game with friends, call the office team at Carson Chiropractic for an appointment: (630) 551-1003.

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